Custom Formulations

Our custom formulation services are available to practitioners and students of herbal medicine. Each product is carefully crafted with expert care, scientific rigor, and the highest quality herbs, tinctures, and granules available. Learn about our strict sourcing standards here.

Our diverse inventory speaks to the myriad of practitioners that use our compounding service. Acupuncturists take advantage of our pre-mixed Traditional Chinese Medical formulas and our robust Chinese herb tincture inventory. Western herbalists are delighted to learn we carry many cherished regional medicinals. For instance, Aralia, California Peony, Anemone, and Ocotillo are all available for compounding along with standard herbs of the Western materia medica. Naturopathic doctors rely on our empirical diligence to offer strength and bioavailability to their formulations. Local patients are welcomed to pick up at our Oakland Herbal Pharmacy, and we also ship across the US from our Online Herbal Store.  However you practice herbal medicine, our herbal pharmacy can meet your needs.

To order your custom formula, click here to set up a practitioner account. Our online service for formula submission is state of the art, bringing you a patient and formula database while offering HIPAA and GMP compliance.  We track each herb from the time they come in our door until they reach your patient. Our pharmacy manager can be reached at

Since we switched to Five Flavors from another pharmacy we’d used for years,
I’ve had uniformly enthusiastic comments from my patients, and this mirrors my own experience.
You have been helpful at every turn, always friendly and cheerful,
and often offering that little bit extra that makes your service so personal.
Even more than the quality of your products - which are the best -
I value the quality of your staff, and really enjoy dealing with them. Thank you all!
— David Whitmer, MD