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Integrative Pharmacology: Drugs and Herbs for Natural Medicine Practitioners with Ingrid Bauer, M.D. & Benjamin Zappin, L.Ac.

  • Five Flavors Herbs 344 40th Street Oakland, CA, 94609 United States (map)


This training aims to enhance practitioners’ skills to assess the medications their clients take, to evaluate the potential for herb-drug interactions, and to communicate with prescribing physicians. This 6-part class series reviews major drug classes and herbal action types, as well as individual drugs, herbs & formulas as they relate to major body systems: cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, immune, endocrine, and nervous systems. For each herb & drug class we will:

  • Review the basic mechanism of action, indications, contraindications, side effects, and potential for herb-drug interactions including risky and favorable.

  • Discuss herbal alternatives and complements, and our clinical experiences with helping patients navigate the pros and cons of pharmacologic and herbal therapies.

  • Provide strategies for documentation and communicating with interprofessional care teams--including prescribing physicians--about patients’ treatment plans and health goals.

The course will be case-based, and involve a combination of didactics and small group discussion. Participants are encouraged to submit difficult cases at least 1 week prior to each class, and every attempt will be made to address relevant issues.

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Course Timeline:

Offered as a 6-week series. Each class is 8 hours of content, 9-6 with 1 hour lunch break (48 CEUs total-pending for California L.Ac's-CEP#538). Individual classes available as webinars (registration opening in December).

Week 1  (Feb 11)

  • Part 1: Fundamentals of pharmacology and herb-drug interactions
  • Part 2: Cardiovascular system: antihypertensives, diuretics, lipid-modifying agents, antiplatelet drugs & anticoagulants.

Week 2 (Feb 25): Epithelium

  • Part 1: Respiratory system: bronchodilators, anticholinergics & steroids
  • Part 2: Digestive system: antacid medications, anti-emetics, anti-diarrheal medications, and drugs for inflammatory bowel disease

Week 3 (March 18): Endocrine & Metabolism

  • Part 1: Diabetes: oral hypoglycemics, newer agents & insulin
  • Part 2: Hormones and hormonal–blocking agents

Week 4 (April 8): Immune System & Infections

  • Part 1: Antibiotics
  • Part 2: Immunosuppressants and HIV meds, Hep C

Week 5 (May 6): Pain

  • Part 1: Analgesics
  • Part 2: Chronic pain

Week 6 (June 3): Nervous System & Mental Health

  • Antidepressants, antipsychotics, and neuroleptics


Early Bird (through Dec 1st)

  • Practitioner Full series for $875
  • Student/General public $675

Regular Price

  • Practitioner $1050
  • Student/General $850

Webinar Price

  •  Practitioner $195/class
  • Student/General $160/class

Limited to 30 participants.  Live streaming webinar class attendance unlimited.

Participants at in-person and live streaming webinar will have access to recording of live event for one year.

Individual classes available via live streaming webinar only. No early bird pricing for webinars. Registration opens in December. Please check back!

Refund Policy

Full refunds available up to 7 days before course begins. Thereafter no refunds or exchanges.