Manufacturing Manager at

Five Flavor Herbs

Reports to: CEO

32-40 hours/ week

$23-$26 per hour

Management of FFH inventory and production using inventory software and team collaboration. Account management of contract customers from quote to fulfillment.

To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter with 3 references to

Responsibilities and Tasks

Inventory & Project Management

  1. Monitoring stock levels of single herb tinctures and Five Flavors products and generating reports to help anticipate monthly and quarterly production needs

  2. Working with the Production Supervisor to perform a bi-annual physical count of all manufacturing inventory items

  3. Initiating and scheduling production to replenish inventory and coordinating with Production Supervisor to develop and carryout production schedule

  4. Working with the Production Supervisor to track time spent on projects and tracking overall production flow from start to finish

  5. Working with Quality Control to generate batch production paperwork

  6. Ordering raw materials for production including packaging and shipping materials

  7. Keeping order sheets, FAQ’s and other copy for client ordering guidelines up to date

  8. Coordinating with Quality Control to perform regulatory scheduling with CCOF, CDPH and other entities requiring inspection

  9. Layout systems for supporting other employees in tracking inventory such as training materials and step by step processes

Contract Accounts Manager

  1. Bottom lining all communication with Contract Manufacturing customers and serving as their key point of contact when engaging with the business

  2. Coordinating with CEO and Production Supervisor about new business, establishing priorities and the manufacturing schedule

  3. Coordinating with CEO to develop quotes and begin production for custom projects

  4. Ordering raw materials for contract projects

  5. Tracking project progress

  6. Maintaining software for project tracking & system for managing contract accounts

  7. Overseeing fulfilling and shipment of orders

  8. Ensuring terms and conditions/contracts are signed and labels are approved

  9. Coordinate with Production supervisor to manage the  production schedule

  10. Receiving and inputting purchase orders and tracking products in production using Fishbowl

  11. Inputting/finishing wholesale orders in Fishbowl and offering customer service to wholesale accounts

  12. Participating in marketing pertinent to private label, contract manufacturing, and wholesale including but not limited to trade show participation and media material development.

    Software Manager

  1. Manage the Bitrix account software for communicating production timelines and managing contract manufacturing accounts

  2. Fishbowl superuser - Facilitating training and troubleshooting


  • Support the values and mission of FFH

  • Support the creation of a positive and highly functional production staff; support coworkers, train and delegate tasks, bearing the responsibility that those tasks are completed in a thorough and timely manner, according to quality standards.

  • Create and implement any and all needed procedures, in accordance with company values and priorities

  • Organize a weekly schedule that incorporates the above tasks in coordination with co-workers.

  • Help FFH meet its ambitious growth goals and long term priorities



  • A minimum of  3 years of manufacturing experience, including inventory sourcing, tracking & management, or commensurate experience

  • A minimum of 2 years experience in commercial medicine-making

  • Highly proficient Microsoft Office skills (with word processing and Excel)

  • Familiarity with botanical nomenclature and identification

  • Knowledge of Chinese and Western Herbs

  • Bachelor’s degree or commensurate experience

  • Must be able to lift up to 30lbs in boxes, bottles and other manufacturing materials


  • Accounts Management

  • Expertise in herbal extraction processes and/or phytochemistry

  • Understanding of current FDA GMP regulations

  • 500 hours of herbal medicine and/or complimentary training

  • Experience with graphic design (InDesign)

  • Experience with copywriting

  • Sales experience

Five Flavors Herbs is an equal opportunity employer.