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CSH Share

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A yearly subscription to receive a monthly box of herbal remedies. For supporting our mission of land-connection, and committing to our program of wild stand stewarding, we are offering this share for at least 25% and up to 40% off retail prices every month, which comes to $540 for the year.

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We are no longer offering a CSH program. If you'd like to be notified about special edition products, or if we decide to offer this program again, please sign up for our newsletter!

What is CSH?

We're joining the charge to expand on the popular farm-to-table relationship known as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). In CSA, shareholders put down a lump sum at the beginning of the season, providing their farmers with the resources to buy seeds, bring in compost, and pay for labor before the harvest. CSA members then reap what they have sown, and receive bountiful shares throughout the growing season. 

While this herbalism share diverges from the agricultural model in some ways, it will allow us to maintain a relationship of wild plant stewardship, and to honor the important, though less common medicinals of our region. We have a deep connection with and love harvesting California Valerian, Brewer's Angelica, and Sweet Cicely (among many others!) and include some of these medicinals in our proprietary formulas. However, some are only sustainable through small harvests, aren't indicated for the remedies of our line, or are too special to blend.  But they are incredibly potent medicines that we have seen allay suffering and support vitality. We can't bare not sharing these special, regional favorites any longer, but we need your help. With the CSA approach, we can count on a group of attentive health-seekers interested in learning about and using these amazing medicines, which could never be offered on a large scale. 

We love this model because it trusts in the earth and those who tend it, and allows consumers to invest in what really matters. Anthropologists have found that CSA engenders notions of gift economies of yore, transforming relationships between buyer and seller into giver and receiver, partners and advocates for a kinder, more reciprocal economy, one that considers the health of the land and the integrity of our bond with it.  We hope to build that together through the relationship launched with your subscription.

Each monthly box will contain 3-5 products including, but not limited to the items below.  Many of these are not available at all through our web and retail stores!

Check out this year's shares to give you an idea:

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