retailer training program

Herbal education is paramount to our mission, crucial to your success, and most importantly, guarantees your customers walk away with the right remedy to support their health. We offer in-depth trainings for our retailers and their base. Click here to learn more about our wholesale program for retailers.

Within one month of your first order, we will visit to offer our introductory training for your staff, and leave behind our product guide detailing the benefits of every product you stock. Look forward to learning:

  • The Five Flavors vision
  • What distinguishes Five Flavors Herbs
  • Background and history of our company
  • Our commitment to quality
  • What we offer
  • Product information about our top-selling formulas

If we have already scheduled an initial training with your team, please have your employees complete our form. We want to get to know you, and be able to tailor our discussion to your strengths and experience.

Continued support

After the initial training, we’ll schedule follow-up trainings to cover formulas and insight that support body systems challenged by the seasons. These discussions are designed to benefit your employees as well as your customers. We’ll work with you to publicize these talks, which will include product sampling and consults. We won't be focused solely on our products. Instead, we'll teach valuable skills and remedies that support health, some of which we are proud to offer. Our aim is to be engaging and helpful, rather than sales-driven and abrasive. We've found that nothing sells better than offering genuine support to your customers. These trainings are a great opportunity to show you care. To set up a training, contact, or click Register below. If you do not carry our full line, or if it better serves you, we also offer regular phone trainings. All of our season-specific trainings are accompanied with sales opportunities.



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