Tincture FAq's


What is the best way to store my tincture?

Tinctures are best kept in a cool, dark place, such as a medicine cabinet or purse. Make sure you always fully re-secure your dropper top to avoid spilling or evaporation. Since tinctures are made with alcohol, they are quite stable and do not require refrigeration. 

What is the best way to take a tincture?

Good news: you can take a tincture however you would like! Here are a few options:

- Squeeze into some room temperature water; drink. This helps dissipate the alcohol and dilute the taste!

- Directly into your mouth... not for the faint of heart or the alcohol sensitive.

- Add to hot water and let cool; drink. This method dissipates more of the alcohol but takes a little longer. Or keep the water how and drink as a sort of tea.

What is a "dropperful", exactly?

Great question. A "dropperful", written in the dosage area of your label, means the amount that you can bring into the pipette with one squeeze of the bulb. This will not fill the entire pipette, but that's ok! The amount brought in by completely depressing the bulb is roughly equivalent* to 30 drops, or 1 mL, and your practitioner will be using that approximation to calculate your dosage. 

*NOTE: this approximation (1 dropperful = 1 mL) is most accurate with a 2 oz bottle size.

Are tinctures safe for children?

Short answer: yes, if used appropriately! We offer a few low alcohol options for children such as our Calm Kid tincture (follow directions on the bottle), and Kan Herbs' Gentle Warriors line.

For our alcohol-based tinctures, here are some guidelines for dosing babies and children:

....coming soon.....

Which of your proprietary tinctures can I take if I am pregnant or nursing? 

- If you are pregnant, the following Five Flavors Herbs tinctures are likely safe for use: 

Back to School and Calm Kid

Additionally, the following can be used with caution during pregnancy:

Bladder Calm, Clear Passage, and Sweet Dreams

- If you are nursing, the following Five Flavors Herbs tinctures are likely safe for use:

Back to School, Bladder Calm, Calm Kid, First Response, Mother's Helper, and Sweet Dreams

Additionally, the following can be used with caution during breastfeeding: 

Osha & Spilanthes Throat Spray

Why are some tinctures made with just alcohol, but others with vegetable glycerin or alcohol and vinegar? 

Alcohol and water is our preferred menstruum because of its superior extractive abilities -- they expertly extract most medicinal constituents. 

However, we created a select line of glycerin-based tinctures for the members of our community that cannot or do not consume alcohol, but would still like to take their herbs in tincture form. These include: 

California Poppy, Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Catnip, Milky oats, Passionflower, Cacao and Rose.

On the other hand, tincturing with vinegar in addition to alcohol is used to more fully extract from animal- or mineral-based "herbs", such as oyster shell (mu li).