What We Offer

Five Flavors Herbs offers a wide variety of services to suit health-seekers, retailers, herbal pharmacies and own label distributors.  

For Health seekers



Our Oakland Herbal Pharmacy, located at 344 40th Street, is a kaleidoscope of healing remedies. Most crucial to this offering is our line of tincture formulas, which we make on site.  We cherish this personal connection that inspires and drives our practice of herbal medicine. Visit us to meet our knowledgeable staff and treat yourself to our house-crafted, neighbor-tested herbal extracts, bulk herbs, and other natural remedies. If you are looking for in-depth health advice, explore our clinical services and look forward to treatment as well as a take-home herbal supplement. If you are already connected with a practitioner, ask them to explore our pharmacy options to widen their care. 

Not local? Visit our online shop to learn about our proprietary formulas or stop in at one of our trusted retailers. We are always happy to answer your questions. Give us a call or email us!


For Practitioners


We are proud to support acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, integrative MDs, western herbalists and students of herbal medicine. We offer custom formulations for individual patients through our pharmacy. Practitioners with their own dispensaries have access to our wholesale catalogue: custom, proprietary and traditional Chinese formulas and single herb extracts in bulk volumes. Our retail-ready proprietary formula line is an easy addition to clinic or shop shelves. Read more about retailing with Five Flavors below, or contact signe@fiveflavorsherbs.com.

The customer service we provide to practitioners is as valuable as our product offering. Contact us for guidance with therapeutic application, or for help converting formulas to tincture from granule or raw herb. We also answer your patients’ questions, help to familiarize them with new preparations, and ensure your professionalism continues until the remedy is in their hands.

FOR retailers

Our proprietary formulas are unlike any on the market, and offer acute relief as well as tonic support for constitutional health. Highly effective and accessibly priced, our formulations inspire repeat purchases and loyal following. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive herbal/medicinal education and investing in the knowledge of your staff as resources for your customers. If you are a retailer interested in carrying the Five Flavors brand, click here for more information or contact signe@fiveflavorsherbs.com with your reseller’s permit number and business information.

FOR Manufacturers

Obtain private label supplement formulations for your clinic, store, private practice, or business. We can formulate, extract, bottle and label according to your specifications or support you with these.  If you are new to the regulatory environment, we can assist you. We have experience with many products and therapeutic applications, from veterinary formulations to digestive bitters to fertility support. Our wide and high quality inventory can satisfy most all therapeutic needs.

FOR Curious Minds

Herbalism is uniquely situated at the crossroads of medical practice and personal empowerment.  Many conditions require the eye of an experienced professional. However, some symptoms are satisfied with a steaming cup of lemon balm tea, and the satisfaction of learning about the human nervous system and herbs that support and uplift. With the demands of the modern world, urban souls can most benefit from this knowledge. We hold regular herbal medicine classes for both beginning herbalists and practicing healthcare providers. We even make it out to the wilderness for herbal field trips. Sign up for our newsletter using the form at the bottom of this page to remain in the loop, and find us on Instagram and Facebook.

Check in on our online herbal medicine resource center, which will be active soon. We’ll have modules exploring the five flavors, videos to illuminate the conceptual framework of the five phases, and techniques for working herbs into your daily routine, among many other subjects. Join us in our ever-expanding appreciation of the benefits of herbal medicine.

I’ve been using Five Flavors’ wonderfully effective extracts, tinctures, liniments and salves for years.
The service is wonderful, and I carry their full line of products as well as many personalized formulas.
Their staff is responsive and knowledgeable and the quality and potency excellent. I highly recommend them.
— Eti Domb, L.Ac.