Five Flavors Herbs Pharmacy Store

for health seekers

Located at 344 40th Street, our retail store and herbal pharmacy is a kaleidoscope of healing remedies.
We also offer clinical services and educational events.


for practitioners

We are proud to support acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, integrative MDs, western herbalists and students of herbal medicine with custom formulations through our pharmacy.

Five Flavors Herbs Store
Five Flavors Herbs Yerba Santa


Practitioners with their own dispensaries have access to our wholesale catalogue: custom, proprietary and traditional Chinese formulas and single herb extracts in bulk volumes.


for retailers

Our proprietary formulas are unlike any on the market,
offering acute relief as well as tonic support. Highly effective and accessibly priced, our formulations inspire loyal following. 


private label

Obtain private label supplement formulations
for your clinic, store, private practice, or business.
We formulate, extract, bottle and label.

I’ve been using Five Flavors’ wonderfully effective extracts, tinctures, liniments and salves for years.
The service is wonderful, and I carry their full line of products as well as many personalized formulas.
Their staff is responsive and knowledgeable and the quality and potency excellent. I highly recommend them.
— Eti Domb, L.Ac.