WHOLESALE Herbs & Extracts

Bulk tincture ordering (8 fl oz. or more) is the most cost-effective way to offer herbs to your clients. For practitioners with specialties, combining classic formulas with dui yaos, or supplementing with single herbs on site, is a great way to offer customization at a lower cost to your patients. Concluding treatment with a take home curative is a powerful compliance motivator, and leaves an impression of complete care.

For store-owners and herb emporiums, self-dispensing bulk extracts give patrons an authentic apothecary experience, with a better profit margin for purveyors.

We have over 350 single herb extracts from both Western and Chinese materia medica, a line of proprietary formulas, and many traditional Chinese formulas, available for bulk purchase starting at 8 fl oz. Custom formulations are offered wholesale starting at
16 fl oz. Bulk orders have a $200 minimum.  Learn about our full wholesale offering here.

To place a wholesale order, email wholesale@fiveflavorsherbs.com

Questions? Consult our FAQs for inventories, pricing sheets and more.



Have a storefront, clinic or health center? Our Five Flavors proprietary line is available wholesale in 2oz bottles. Contact us for exciting opening order opportunities and join our drive to deliver herbal medicine to health-seekers in need. We are happy to provide in-person or web-based instruction detailing the actions and indications of our formulas, our commitment to quality, and our passion for bridging medicinals of the Western states with traditional Chinese concepts.  Once you have language to describe our vision and understand the versatility of the formulas, effectiveness inspires repeat purchases and exploration with other products in the line. These remedies are remembered! To place a wholesale order, email wholesale@fiveflavorsherbs.com.

Questions? Consult our FAQs for inventories, pricing sheets and more.

I am a general practitioner and medical herbalist. I have been using tinctures from Five Flavors Herbs over the past five years. The quality of the tinctures has never wavered; the effectiveness of the treatment has been on point. These tinctures are indeed effective and quite easy to use. I especially love the glycerites for those who can’t tolerate alcohol and for my pediatric patients. I can trust the quality and potency of these products. I have seen nothing but improvement over the years. Thanks Ben and Ingrid, keep up the good work.
— Asante LeBlanc, MD